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    Take in the sites of Lower Central Park at the same leisurely pace as it was seen by New York City’s elite for the first time during the latter part of the 19th Century.
    With its beautiful meadows, gardens, fountains, lakes and Mid to Late 19th Century architecture, Central Park is the perfect place to visit, especially for those who wish to tour this wonderful spot by Antique Horse Drawn Taxi, Coach, Wagonette or Carriage.
    Experience the scenic views of Cherry Hill, The Mall, Bethesda Fountain and The Boat Pond, along with other key attractions that have made Central Park famous.
   With this tour, guests now have the opportunity of receiving a wealth of info regarding the Park's history, along with certain changes that have been made to accommodate both increased visitation and local usage.  By offering an overview which dispels many common myths regarding its past, and as an accurate account of its history would have it, remains far more fascinating than any "Urban Legend" might portray.
    All tour rides possess a leisurely, unrushed overview covering the sites with stops (if requested by the group) for picture taking and possible closer examination of locations.  Focused on maximizing the area coverage for the time allotted, this service provides a more intimate and  overall gratifying experience for guests.
   The incredible bonus with this tour is that visitors can now view Central Park the way its creators intended for it to be seen, offering guests a truly unique presentation of what has become one of New York City’s main attractions
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    ...A wealth of information along with a wonderful variety of visual aids specific to our new tour services for New York City's Central Park. 
    These new areas will include such content types as weekly (at times daily) video updates for viewing the Park's seasonal changes, new products and services as they become available along with of course the introduction of new touring vehicles (with they're history and era in which they were built). 
    For visitors interested in reserving a Group Tour Ride, Private Tour Reservation or Hay Ride, this site makes it easy to find the right service, pay for it online (for up to 50 guests per purchase) or find availability for scheduling any of the services listed.
    From Historic Vehicle exhibits... to Hay Rides, this site offers an array of unique services found nowhere else and a window that opens upon New York City's past, and the splendor of a Central Park which remains to this day, unchanged for all to experience.
   NYC Horse Drawn Tours & Exhibits now offers a perfect solution for those who wish to tour  Lower Central Park and still keep to a busy, pre-booked agenda.
    For groups comprised of 6 or more passengers, we offer “Wagonettes” which accommodate from 8 to 20 guests each for tour lengths ranging from 25 minutes to 1 hour. 
Small Wagonette
    This tour type offers a more relaxed, private review of the  Lower Central Park area, providing up to 2 hours of leisurely presentation.  Allowing for pickups from most major hotels along the streets and avenues bordering the Park, our private tour services offer guests an excellent value.
    Along with a wide variety of authentic antique units to choose from, you can now tour Lower Central Park the way it was done during the latter part of the 19th Century. 
    Romance and elegance work hand-in-hand when the occasion demands a traditional excellence found only with our Horse Drawn Livery services.  Truly unique in every way and with a comfort fit for Royals, our service offers the very best for those who wish to make the ultimate statement. 
    With the largest working collection of authentic antique livery vehicles to be found within the Continental US and Canada, we provide you with a range of choices to be found nowhere else.
    After all... a grand entrance and exit deserves a supporting visual that will last a lifetime.
    There's nothing like a Hay Ride to round out the Fall Season.  With its freshly harvested pumpkins, apples and backdrop of gold, reds and yellows, this is a time of year that shapes childhood memories. 
    For over 40 years we have made this service available to those who wish to make this time of year extra special. 
    To smell the fresh, earthy air of Autumn brings back to most why this season is a favorite and why a Hay Ride creates such an important connection with the fun and good times of youth.
    Over the 40 years we have developed an extensive working collection of Authentic Horse Drawn Livery units, with a key note here focusing on the word "working". 
    That's right, we own the largest working collection of authentic antique horse drawn livery vehicles in the US... and they're all still in great condition!  From Wells-Fargo Stage Coaches, Chuck Wagons and Buckboards,... to Royal London Town Coaches and Antique NYC Horse Drawn Taxis to name only a few of many, our products make the best exhibits to be found anywhere.
    Normally provided in groups of between 3 to 5 pieces typifying the era of service, these products offer an authentic touch to any event or addition to any museum display.
NYC Horse-Drawn Tours & Exhibits / Chateau Stables, Inc. 
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